Many will ask what was the inspiration behind THE KIN OF CURLS™? Well, THE KIN OF CURLS™ has a literal translation which is THE FAMILY OF CURLS! As a bi-racial woman with a unique curl pattern (courtesy of my heritage)... I couldn’t understand why some products either made my hair too oily or dry. I realized I wasn’t the only woman who had this issue and began the search for a resolution. 

The commonality between myself and other curly woman are the uniqueness in our curl pattern based on our heritage. I anticipate that our clientele will be women seeking professional hair care products without all of the harsh chemicals to soften and manage their curls! In addition, we hope that our clientele will be in search of a curly community that would become a kinship via the love & uniqueness of their curls!

The Journey that led me to THE KIN OF CURLS™ for me was quite direct and to the point... I needed to get hair care products on the market for all curl types! The curl spectrum is just too broad without much of a gray area. I am a super gray area type of gal in the curl department. After many late nights, long hours, continuous research and countless meetings we were able to create a formula that would leave your curls soft & manageable to style however you please! This formula is amazing on natural hair but just as amazing on chemically treated hair. My hair is actually chemically treated and I use our products routinely, so I know first hand that we have gems in this entire collection for all curl and hair types! We made sure that our product had all of the key ingredients that: are beneficial to the overall health of your hair, will protect your hair from styling damage, have an absence of harsh chemicals, & will promote hair growth. Thus, we gave life to THE KIN OF CURLS™!

I know that our world is forever evolving and as a result, we're always on the GO. I encourage you to take some time to care for yourself and do things that bring you joy. #SELF-CARE is subjective and we get that... but in this instance, I will strive to bring the best #SELF-CARE products to the market for women, men, and children. We hope that you enjoy our products and feel free to leave us notes about what you’d like to see in our future collections.